Honorary Life Members

 Mrs. S. Almey, Mrs. W. Andrews, Canine Partners, Dogs For Good, Guide Dogs For The Blind, Mr. H. Pelham, Mrs. E. Pelham,

Mr. J. Tiranti,   Miss. D. Young

GRC Committee 2019

Officers 2019


President: MRS SUE ALMEY

Vice Presidents: MRS G. KNOX, MR.H & MRS E. PELHAM.

Chairman: MR ROY MAYNARD (F,S,J)

Vice Chairman: MRS SU JOLLY

Hon. Secretary: MISS ANGELA COOPER (F,J,S), 5 Arley Lane, Shatterford, Bewdley, WORCS DY12 1RZ  Tel:01299 861267

email: angdaze40@gmail.com

Hon. Treasurer: MR. DAVID MANNINGS (S,F,P), Victoria House, 7 Haines Hill, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4HN Tel: 01823 332635 email: dgmannings@gmail.com

Membership Secretary UK: Mrs. T. Foreman (co-opted) Ambersun, 4, Goosetree Estate, Ringsend, Wisbech, CAMBS. PE13 4DE Tel: 07889279668   email:   teresaforeman4@gmail.com

Membership Secretary Overseas:
MRS. SU JOLLY (S,J) 20 Orchard Way, Nettleham, Lincoln LN2 2SR                    email: GRCosmembers@hotmail.com

Show Secretary: PETER DRURY (P,S,) 31 Longmoor Lane, Sandiacre,Nottingham. NG10 5LJ                                                  email:bencoe@ntlworld.com


(The following letters denote which sub-committees Committee
members are on F-Finance; J-Judges; S-Show; Ft-Field Trial*)

Mrs. S. BROWN (S,F,J) Retires 2020, MR P DRURY (S,J) Retires 2022, MRS P. EDWARDS Retires 2022, MRS. F. MORRISS-GARGET (S,J) Retires 2020, MRS. S. HAYWARD (S) Retires 2022, MRS. L. HAZELTON (F) Retires 2020, MRS S. JOLLY (S,J) Retires 2022, MRS. V. JONES (S,J) Retires 2021, MRS. E. KEENE (S,J) Retires 2022, MRS. M. PALK(,Ft) Retires 2021, MRS C. RYCROFT (Ft,F) Retires 2021, MISS R. TURNER (S,F,J) Retires 2020, MR. M. WHITLOCK (S) Retires 2021, MRS. P. WOODEN (S) Retires 2020.

Co-Opted: Mrs. T. Foreman, Mr. J. Hazelton (F)

Hon. F. T. Secretary: MARY PALK email: grcftsec@gmail.com

 W. T. Secretary: Lucy Jenkins

Contact details on Working Test Schedule & entry form (Working news page)

*co-opted members for Ft sub-committee are:

Mr R. Atkinson,  Mr G. Bird, Mr A. England, Mrs. J. Gardener, Mrs L. Jenkins, Mrs E. Pelham, Mrs C. Rycroft,

Mr. A. Ward-Smith

Show Manager: PETER DRURY

Assistant Show Secretary: LIZ KEENE

Cup Stewards :  MARK WHITLOCK (Championship Show), LIZ KEENE


Puppy List: VIV JONES; Tel: 01636 821416

Website Manager: ANGELA COOPER

Breed Council Delegates: ANGELA COOPER, SUE BROWN,  (LINDSEY HAZELTON Reserve)

Health Representative: ANGELA COOPER


GRC Committee 2015

Back Row LtoR, Dave Mannings,Lindsey Hazelton, Carolyn Rycroft, Viv Jones, Ruth Turner, Su Jolly, Chris Ashton, Liz Keene, Sally Hayward, Peter Drury Middle Row, Lesley Durrant, Freda Garget, Lesley List, Sue Brown, Pam Wooden, Susan Wharfe Front, Sue Almey, Roy Maynard, Angela Cooper, Gwen Knox

GRC Committee 2014


Back Row LtoR, Dave Mannings,Lindsey Hazelton, Carolyn Rycroft, Viv Jones, Ruth Turner, Su Jolly, Chris Ashton, Liz Keene, Peter Drury 

Middle Row, Lesley Durrant, Freda Garget, Angie Cooper, Sue Brown, Pam Wooden, Susan Wharfe 

Front, Sue Almey, Roy Maynard, Clive Donahue, Gwen Knox


GRC Committee 2012



2012 Committee : L to R Standing: Dave Mannings, Chris Ashton, Ruth Turner,Pam Wooden, Sue Brown, Liz Keene, Sue Wharfe, Pauline Comer

L to R sitting, Malcolm Godefroy, Peter Drury, Sue Almey, Clive Donahue, John Tiranti, Countess Bathurst, Merriol Haselden, Clive Williams


GRC Committee 2006


2006 Committee : L to R Standing: Lindsey Hazelton, Chris Ashton, Clive Donahue, Sue Almey, Bob Hargrave, John Tiranti, Peter Drury,Pauline Comer, Dave Mannings, L to R Sitting, Gwen Knox, Sue Wharfe, Pam Wooden, Sue Brown, Liz Keene, Viv Jones.

GRC Committee 2002


2002 Committee : L to R Standing:Chris
Ashton, Alan Morris, Richard Edwards, Gwen Knox, Val Burns, Dick Bridges, Liz Keene, Ruth Turner, Clive Donahue, Michael Tong, George Hennessy,Sid barber Sue Almey,
L to R Sitting, Kim Ellis, Sue Almey, Viv Jones, Maureen McKenna, Eileen Allen-Rossiter, Pat Tuck, Freda Garget