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 Welcome to the GRC Website

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The origins of the GRC date back to 1911 when, under the leadership of Mrs Charlesworth, a committee of four or five stalwarts formed a club for Yellow Retriever owners. In 1913 this fledgling club was recognised by the Kennel Club and became known as the Golden Retriever Club. From those pioneering days the Club has grown to a membership in 2009 of 852 single, 968 joint & 7 junior UK members with 522 single and 194 joint Associate members from overseas.

The main objectives of the Club are

(a) to encourage the breeding of Golden Retrievers sound in type, conformation and temperament to the KC Breed Standard,


(b) to encourage and facilitate the training and working of the breed. These are achieved through Training Days, Seminars, Shows, Field Trials and Working Tests, and a Code of Ethics.

We publish a Year Book, a Magazine to which members are encouraged to contribute, and a Judges List compiled annually. We now add this Web Site to facilitate communication and member involvement. The site will be regularly updated with results and photos of our events.

If you have any comments or suggestions please  email us.

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The Breed Standard
2017 GRC approved A1, A2. A3, B & C judging lists.
To apply to go on the GRC
Judging Lists or to change list please print out & complete
this form & submit it to Angie Cooper at the address on the
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Please note, The GRC as a National Club does not run a regional
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