JUDGES: Colin Pelham(A) Alan Buckland (B) Bruce Ross-Smith(np) Jill Gardner(np)

1st: Mrs B. Becksteiner-Bickler   Bell Oktave Benjamin (Int. FTCh. Bridsgreen Simply Flint ex Chieldmark Countess)

2nd: W.G. &J.G.Warnett Pandapaws Brigand (Treunair Mull ex Serene Pursuit Clarissa of Pandapaws)

3 Certificates  of Merit Awarded:

Mr.A. England Dairy Populus Tremula (Echobrook Fergus Mhor of Ashmhorgold  ex Merryway Orchid at Dairycott)

Mrs F. Baird Treunair Drimmie (Ernsfield Kestrel ex Treunair Rhum)

Mr & Mrs Hanman Haddeo Teyla (Abnalls Barley of Deadcraft ex Haddeo Hermia)

Photos by Phil Wagland



The Golden Retriever Club Annual Breed Working Tests

on Sunday 7th. May,

held at Owlpen Manor, Dursley, Glos.

By Kind Permission of Sir Nicholas Mander.

Judges: Mrs. A. Wales, Mr. S. Hagain, Mr. R. Tozer, & Mr. S Pullin.

Puppy winner with Club Chairman Roy Maynard

1st: David Godding – Kaliture Nero’s Hero (Souter Tabasco of Roughbeat x Kaliture Kiche)
2nd. Andy Fisher – Afon River (Gortons Firecracker of Vamp x New Year Magic)
3rd. Jill Gardener – Kaliture Coconut Star Of Foxcote (Souter Tabasco of Roughbeat x Kaliture Kiche)
4th. Lucy Mixture – Kaliture Red Pepper (Souter Tabasco of Roughbeat x Kaliture Kiche)

NDNH Winner

Novice Dog/Novice Handler:
1st. Karen Williams – Catcombe Country Czar Of Busheyhall Shcm (Catcombe Challenger x Catcombe Cherry Tart)
2nd. Alison Lang – Dikeadaze Dagan (Medodaine Angustah at Dikeadaze JW x Dikeadaze Dotty By Design)

Novice Winner

1st. Philip Blount – Hanwoodgold Archie (Echobrook Dexster x Chackmoreton Homewood Lass)
2nd. Kelly Rogers-Davidson – Loveloch Valentino (Dunmar Lyon x Rueberry Funny Girl of Loveloch)
3rd. Andrew Wright – Wadesmill Kite (Wadesmill Sacome x Wadesmill Daffodil)
4th. Trish Constantine – Briabar Flaming Finale (Souter Romulus at Millgreen x Pepsanner Coffee Pot)

Open winner with Sir Nicholas Mander

1st. David Godding – Kaliture Cathmor (Echobrook Fergus Mhor of Ashmhorgold x Kaliture Kiche)
2nd. Karen McCarthy – Kaliture Cuinn By Ashmhorgold (Echobrook Fergus Mhor of Ashmhorgold x Kaliture Kiche)
3rd. Andy Fisher – Kaliture Rooster (Echobrook Fergus Mhor of Ashmhorgold x Kaliture Kiche)
4th. Mr & Mrs Shearman – Hickorywood Heart Of Gold (FT Ch Vamp Parsley Pottage x Hickorywood Ruby Sunbeam).


Veteran Winner with Sir Nicholas Mander

1st. Stuart Robson – Haddeo Hermia (Holway Victor x Haremire Diane of Haddeo)
2nd. Dave Barnes – Pepsanner Franconia At Millgreen (Souter Romulus at Millgreen x Pepsanner Black Five)
3rd. Vickie Pritchard – FTCh Vamp Parsley Potage (Birdsgreen Sweet Reward of Castlemans x Welsh Ruby of Vamp)
4th. Dave Barnes – Souter Romulus At Millgreen (FTCh Kessgold Volvo x Deepfleet Anna.

If anyone would like copy of photos used please contact Angie Cooper

Slide Show photos David Roberts              

Slide Show Photos Pam Wooden and Angie Cooper  



On Thursday 7th September, 2017
Held at Checkley Wood Shoot, Cheshire.
by permission of Messrs I. & N. Beavis
and support of the Guns.
Judges: K. Bellamy, A.B. Cooper, Mrs G. Caldwell, S.N. McGrath

1st GATEKEEPER BOYCE DEL HARTLEYJEAN (D) (Joyful Hugo of Philchris ex Ninastirith Tess) Sally Richardson
2nd & Guns’ Choice TEALCREEK MISS UNDERSTOOD (B) Froglane Firefly at Tealcreek ex Birdsgreen Egypt at Tealcreek John Williamson


Photo courtesy of Kim Jinks