2021 Bitch Critique re-arranged 2020 show

The Golden Retriever Championship Show 11th Aug 2021 Firstly, I would like to thank the Committee for re-scheduling the show from July 2020. It has been a difficult task trying to find a date this year. It was a lovely atmosphere and we were able to judge outside, I had a quality entry of Bitches

2021 Bitch Critique re-arranged 2020 show

The Golden Retriever Championship Show 11th Aug 2021

Firstly, I would like to thank the Committee for re-scheduling the show from July 2020. It has been a difficult task trying to find a date this year. It was a lovely atmosphere and we were able to judge outside, I had a quality entry of Bitches and many difficult decisions were made. My CC today went to Denicol Put A Spell On You, who on the referee’s final decision also took Best In Show.

Temperament was excellent and so was presentation. I would just like to say I did find some bitches a little short on the leg and longer in body, balance in this breed is important.

Veteran Bitch (7 years +) 8,1a)

1st Wheeldon’s Ch Thornywait Fame N’Fortune For Catnnels I have judged this beautiful girl in the past and still love her overall type and balance, most kindest of heads & expression, excellent reach of neck, correct shoulder placement, level top-line with a correct tail-set. Strong quarters and hocks, moved with plenty of drive, shown in the best of coats, looking good for a 9 year old. Best Veteran Bitch.

2nd Griggs Mulfield Peach Blossom JW ShCM, well made with a lovely outline, pretty head and expression, good bone and substance, excellent top-line, good bend of stifle, shown in excellent condition, moved with ease.

3rd Mell’s Meloak Lily The Pink, again a lovely oldie showing free stood enjoying her day, lovely type, moved out well.

Special Veteran Bitch (9 Years +) 7,1 a.

1st Phipps Baker & Baker Tenfield Looks Like Trouble At Maddouse JW, I had the pleasure of judging this lovely oldie as a youngster she still has it all, most beautiful head & expression, super top-line, good reach of neck and correct shoulder placement, strong back end neat hocks, shown in the best of coats and can still move with ease and a strong driving action, at 11 years old hard to believe she looks this good on the move.

2nd Oldring’s Fenwood Victoria Beckham At Flaxengold lovely 10 ½ year old who I have also judged in the past, love her out-line and angles well- made throughout, kindest of head’s, good pigment, lovely bone and substance, moved well.

3rd Rogers Watamusand Serengeti Muzik, again a lovely oldie nice type, shown in excellent condition, good top-line strong quarters, moved out well.

Minor Puppy Bitch 8,4a

1st Falconer’s Soneve Simply Special For Siatham, such a pretty baby just right for her age, most pleasing of heads, excellent pigment, correct shoulders, straight front with good depth of body, nice tight feet, level top-line & correct tail-set, very balanced in structure and out-line, shown in the best of coats moved out well with a good stride, very promising youngster.

2nd Ives Balsamina Bellini, very pretty type, shown in good coat, nice overall shape just needs to grow on for me, moved out well.

3rd McGuffie’s Milltimber Make My Heart Fly, again a promising youngster, needs to settle a little on the move, but really like her over-all shape and construction.

Puppy Bitch 14, 4a, well what a super class of puppies, spoilt for choice here.

Litter sisters took 1st & 2nd here with very little between them.

1st McNeish’s Drumkilty Toodle Pip what a super puppy, most pleasing of heads, excellent pigment, plenty of neck, excellent shoulder placement, straight front with good feet, plenty of depth in body, excellent top-line and correct tail set good bend of stifles short neat hocks, completely balanced throughout, good true mover. Just preferred her over finish to her sister today. One to watch for the future. BBP & Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Clarkson’s Drumkilty Triskele, again a lovely bitch, plenty of quality, love her head & expression. Plenty of substance, good bone, good length of leg, short coupled, strong back end. Moved with a good stride. Close decision here today.

3rd Falconer’s Contemporary Beguile Again Via Siatham, unlucky to meet such two lovely bitches here today, but I really liked her over type, good balance & construction, moved out really well.

Junior Bitch 20, 8a.

1st Lane’s Kulawand Sky With Diamonds, very well made bitch, shown in excellent condition, lovely coat, super dark pigment & attractive head shape, good reach of neck, good upper arm and fore chest. Plenty of depth of body, short coupled, good top-line which she held on the move, good driving action, moved well, very nice type.

2nd Archibald’s Abinvale Arrieta (AI) another lovely bitch, excellent front construction. Most kindest of head’s good pigment, excellent reach of neck, level top-line and correct tail-set, plenty of substance and bone. Strong well bent stifle, short hocks, excellent handling and came into her own on the move. Very promising youngster.

3rd Nelson & Ashton’s Willowlawn Staycation At Cadwst, nice type’ good over-all balance and construction, moved with ease.

Yearling Bitch 12, 2a

1st     Tracey’s Denicol Put A Spell On You, what a stunning bitch from all angles, she certainly lives up to her name, I found her quite outstanding. As soon as she walked into the ring she caught my eye, lovely shaped head and eye, so pretty, excellent pigment, best of fronts and plenty of bone, lovely tight feet. Superb reach of neck, flowing into correct shoulder placement, best of top-lines and tail-set. Strong well-muscled quarters, which she used to move soundly with great style around the ring just asking to be looked at. Shown in super condition, just love her balance and overall presence. She was certainly my star today pleased to award her the CC and on the referee’s decision Best in Show.

2nd Kulawand Sky With Diamonds, ( 1st in Junior)

3rd Vernon’s Graceleigh Firenze, a really lovely bitch, classic shape, good front sadly today didn’t move quite as well as I would have liked.

Novice Bitch 18,9a

1st  Nelson’s Cadwst Eternal Flame, very well made bitch, shown in a lovely golden coat, excellent condition, very pretty head & expression, super dark pigment, good reach of neck, correct upper arm and deep fore chest, plenty of bone & substance. Short coupled, excellent level top-line. Which she held on the move, plenty of drive and a good positive action, a pleasure to see her move, very sound.

2nd Williams Auristela Lady Luck At Lamhryn, stood 4th in a strong Yearling class, nice type lovely pale coat, shown in excellent condition, loved her head & expression, well made, short coupled, strong quarters, moved with ease.

3rd Langrick’s Flaxengold Story Of My Life, lovely honest type, lots to like here, very pretty head & expression, shown in good condition, moved out well, very sound.

Undergraduate Bitch 9, 4 a.

1st Cadwst Eternal Flame.

2nd Robins & Rowark’s  Brekswood Lady Eleanor, most pleasing of heads, loved her expression and kind eye, good angulation both front & back, strong rear hocks allowing her to move with plenty of drive , shown in the best of coats. Nice type.

3rd Harding’s Eveninghill Going Dutch, very pretty bitch, needs a little more time to develop but lots to like, good top-line and tail-set, moved out well.

Graduate Bitch18,5a

1st Macdonald’s Flyngalee Teppum, strong well- made bitch, plenty to like here, shown in a lovely mid gold coat, excellent condition, pretty head & expression, dark pigment, correct front angulation, deep body, plenty of substance and bone, level top-line and strong back end, moved out really well. One to watch for the future.

2nd Cadwst Eternal Flame.

3rd Whelan’s Sandseekers Pettirosso darker bitch, lovely classic out-line, well-made throughout, needs to settle on the move, but very nice type.

Postgraduate Bitch 8, 2a.

1st O’Neill’s Linirgor Misty Mornings At Strathlon JW, I found this bitch very eye catching for her superb out-line and construction, a very pleasing head and expression, good pigment, excellent reach of neck and the best of fronts. Level top-line with a good tail set, well bent stifles. Looked really good on the move, well presented. Just needs to watch her waist line.!

2nd Ives Trewater Busy Lizzie At Balsamina lovely pale coated bitch, very pretty head, good eye shape, excellent front construction, deep body, good top-line, strong quarters, comes into her own on the move, handled well.

3d Flaxengold Story Of My Life.

Mid-limit Bitch 19,9a. a lovely class of quality Bitches.

1st List’s Haydengold Rumor Has It JW, I have often admired this lovely bitch from the ringside, love her for her super out-line and classic shape, not over done in any way, best of expressions, lovely eye shape and pigment, super reach of neck, excels in front angulation, plenty of bone and substance. Well bent stifles and neat hocks, best of top-lines, plenty of drive on the move. Lovely type. Pleased to award her the RES CC here today.

2nd Zubair’s Thornywait Cassiopeia, close decision between 1 & 2 here today, lovely quality bitch, balanced out-line, excellent over-all construction, strong back end, short hocks, moved with ease. Shown in excellent coat & condition. Just preferred the head shape on my winner.

Page 4   3rd McCormack’s Flyngalee Tiptoes JW, again another quality bitch, loved her head & kind expression, plenty of bone and substance, straight front, correct front angulation, best of top-lines, strong back end, moved with plenty of drive. Well presented.

Limit Bitch 10,5a.

1st Phipps Baker & Baker, very elegant, cream bitch, in super coat and condition. Feminine head and pretty expression, best of fronts and good bone, tight feet, excellent reach of neck, good layback of shoulder, excellent top-line, good bend of stifle, moved freely with a good stride. I see she is the daughter of my veteran winner (over 9 year old’s).

2nd Garget & Morriss’ Linirgor Teasel and Tweed To Garvin, again a quality bitch different type to my winner, shown in super condition, pretty Golden coat, balanced out-line, best of top-lines, correct front angulation, good bone and deep body, short coupled, moved with a positive action. Just preferred the head type of my winner, but a close decision.

3rd O’Neill’s Strathlon Sweet Sensation, another lovely bitch I have often admired, sound type, love her head and expression, excellent construction, deep body, strong quarters, moved well, just found her a little too heavy for me today.

Open Bitch 8, 3 a.

1st Rogers’ Rojillair Evening Magic Of Odarla very balanced, not over done in anyway, most pleasing of head shape and expression, dark pigment, excels in neck and front angulation, level top-line and correct tail set, short coupled. Well bent stifles, with short neat hocks, shown in super condition, well- handled moved soundly, but didn’t have quite the sparkle today of my final winners.

2nd   Williamson’s Thornywait Atomic Betty For Sandti, another well-made bitch of quality, loved her head and gentle expression, super top-line, plenty of body and substance, short coupled, strong back end. Looked good on the move.

3rd Campion’s Fenpinque Glitterglow, nice type, very animated, lovely coat and condition, good over-all construction, well bent stifles, moved out with ease, just would prefer her little longer in leg.

Field Trial Bitch 1, 1 a Absent

Special Show Gundog/Working- Gundog Certificate Bitch 1 entry.

1st Bell’s Enchanter’s Nightshade Hogmanay For Hoaaloha (lmp NLD). Lovely type, super temperament, kind head & expression good reach of neck, level top-line, well- made throughout, very much enjoying her day out, happy steady mover.


Judge Mrs Glennis Hewitson.