2022 Ch Sh Dog Critique

THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW SATURDAY 9 TH JULY 2022 DOG JUDGE: RUTH TURNER (AMILONE) Many thanks to the exhibitors for their entry on this rather warm summers day at Stoneleigh Park. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and was very pleased with ALL my winning dogs who moved soundly and displayed good breed type.

2022 Ch Sh Dog Critique


Many thanks to the exhibitors for their entry on this rather warm summers day at Stoneleigh Park. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and was very pleased with ALL my winning dogs who moved soundly and displayed good breed type. Some decisions were very hard but at the end of the day I felt both
my CC & RCC winner were typical examples, displaying a sound, balanced outline and moved with good reach and drive. The Referee, Mrs Pat Arnold, judged BIS due to my friendship with the bitch CC owner, and she awarded this to the Dog.

VETERAN DOG (7 years +) (8 Entries, 3 Absent)
1st Loverock’s & Waldron-Smith’s LOVISSA SPACE DUST ShCM This dog caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring, he presents a balanced outline stood and
on the move. Strongly made throughout with good construction front and rear. Gentle masculine head, strong clean neck. Tight feet, level topline which he retained on the move. His footfall was correct, with a strong driving action, certainly fit for function. In good coat and condition which won him this class and saw him go through and win BEST VETERAN IN SHOW over a lovely bitch.
2nd Wedge’s SH CH RIVERSCHARM MR MCGREGOR JW I’ve admired this boy ringside and was not disappointed today hands on. Similar in type to 1, just
preferred the substance of my winners. Carrying the right amount of weight for his frame. Clean balanced outline, not in full fettle, but nothing to hide, well made throughout which showed when he moved.
3rd Archibald’s SH CH/IR SH CH ABINVALE LEVANTO completed a trio of lovely dogs, all deserving of a red card.

SPECIAL VETERAN DOG (9 years +) (2 Entries, 0 Absent)
1st Warden’s EYEVALLEY MACALLAN OF GLENTOCHTY ShCM VW Difficult to choose between these two, whilst I preferred the movement of 2, I preferred the construction, head & expression of one. My winner was a good-sized boy, full of breed type with a lovely gentle expression. Strongly made neck and shoulders, along with good quarters. Level topline. Bone ok and in good coat. His movement was a bit disappointing, he lacked enthusiasm and carried his tail low which was a shame, nevertheless a lovely dog.
2nd Waebeke-Neve’s GER CH DUNEHILLS KIND OF MAGIC (ATC BEL) Not a big dog, but nicely turned out. Head not really my type but he had many super features.
Good length of neck into well made shoulders. Short coupled. Nice feet. Moved with enthusiasm and drive. Was a very close decision.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (4 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st Gargan’s SIAGAR SINATRA A difficult decision here as liked both these minors. My winner had the edge on movement, which won him the class. Not a big boy, but nicely put together and in super coat and condition. Pleasing head and expression, he stood four square on straight limbs, wagging his tail, lovely to see such a happy puppy. Topline needs to tighten on the move but this will come I’m sure, he moved with good reach and drive for one so young.
Loved this puppy who just wasn’t showing his best today. Liked his size and bone, very much the shape I look for. His head still has some developing to do, but he is well constructed and balanced. Good strong neck and level topline. His rear movement was a bit loose today, but he was reaching well. Close decision between these puppies.

PUPPY DOG (5 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st Gerhold’s NAVILIS VIVAT VIVALDI (IMP UKR) This cream boy stood out for superb balance. He stood four square on strong bone and feet, wagging his tail, presenting a very pleasing outline. Loved his masculine but gently expression and super pigment. In good condition. Limbs were straight and angles balanced. Moved with correct reach and drive, holding his topline well. BEST PUPPY DOG & RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN
2nd Rose’s SHANLIMORE MOONLITE RIDER WITH GAYTONWOOD Another pale boy, who stood out for his balance, construction and sound movement, close up to my winner in many respects. Hands on you discover a well-made dog throughout. I especially liked his head, clean neck, topline and front construction. Moved well and pushed the winner hard in this class.

JUNIOR DOG (7 Entries, 2 Absent)
1st Trinder’s FINGREEN PAPER AIRPLANE OVER TRINDEVER (IMP FIN) Pleasing dog, not a big frame but nicely put together. Balanced head, good length of neck into super shoulders. Well sprung ribs. Topline needs to firm up a bit and coat is still to come, but liked him very much. Movement is powerful and ground covering
2nd Williams’ BERRYMEADE KILTERNAN OF BUSHEYHALL Different type to 1. Balanced dog of a nice type. Good angles, lovely topline, would of like a bit more bone on him and straighter forelegs. Moved with drive and enthusiasm.

YEARLING DOG (13 Entries, 2 Absent) A super class of young males.
1st Kelly’s RAMCHAINE YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND IN ZENEVIEVA (IKC) JW He certainly had me spinning right round. To me this dog epitomises the breed standard. He’s balanced, displays superb breed type, hands on has correct construction, in perfect coat and condition and floats around the ring like he could work all day, covering the ground with such ease. I especially admired his head, bone, feet, straight limbs & short hocks. Bodily he has time on his hands to mature but today he filled my eye. This class was a super class to win but in the challenge he went further and pulled out all the stops to take his 3rd CC. A very worthy Show Champion, who has got a great future ahead of him. CC & BEST IN SHOW.
2nd Savage’s WEISFORD GUILTY AS SIN (ATC IKC). Hard act to follow for this boy, but his superb quality stood out to gain him a 2nd place in a strong class. Very similar in type to 1. Just a scopier frame which will take time to fill and mature, but he oozed quality and am sure will gain his title in time. Another who displays balance, straight limbs, lovely head and super movement. Pushed hard for the RCC.

NOVICE DOG (7 Entries, 3 Absent)
1st Muncey’s KENNELRIDGE CAPTAIN TOM Nice type of dog. Hands on he is a well constructed boy with good bone and feet. In good golden coat. Pleasing head and expression. Moved very soundly on straight limbs, nothing overdone here.
2nd Waebeke-Neve’s GLENRISKA BEACHCOMBER BY HEART (ATC SWE)Longer cast dog in super coat and condition. Not as balanced in shape as winner but liked his head, bone & feet. Was well bodied with a good spring of rib. Nicely made shoulders, tending to stand a bit high on the rear but moved ok.

UNDERGRADUATE DOG (3 Entries, 1 Absent)
Very nicely balanced dog. Clean outline showing off his good angles, topline and condition. Pleasing head, & expression. Good bone & feet on straight limbs. Firm topline which he held on the move. Gave his handler a hard time when moving, but when he concentrated he moved really well.
2nd Taylor’s ALIBREN ALDANITI AT TANNADICE Another nicely balanced boy. Not the front of my winner and wasn’t standing on straight limbs, nevertheless a nice boy. Lovely head, in super coat and condition. Was a bit tense standing today so not showing off his qualities and tended to roll on the move which spoilt his outline.

GRADUATE DOG (11 Entries, 4 Absent)
1st Loach’s & Zubair’s PUTJADE PUSH THE BUTTON Loved this boy for his breed type and balance. Handled to advanced he displays good construction throughout. A quality golden coated dog who has a lovely head and expression, short coupled and stands on straight limbs. He has correct bone and feet, is in super coat and movement was precise and very sound. Liked him very much.
2nd Bawden’s BALSAMINA BEACHCOMBER AT DARTHILL JW A different type to my winner but non the less and impressive boy of quality. Loved his clean outline and balance. Gorgeous head, expression and pigment, well made throughout. Has good bone and feet and super topline, which he kept on the move. Felt he didn’t have the drive of my winner today, was a close decision.

POSTGRADUATE DOG (12 Entries, 3 Absent)
1st Towers, Henderson & Bolano’s GREY GOOSE NOVEMBER RAIN (IMP ESP) Very little to separate the first two here. So much to like about my winner. Oozes type. Not a big
frame, but well made all through. Nicely constructed, straight limbs and stood on tight feet. Neck of good length and level topline. Well sprung in the rib. In nice coat and condition. Moved with precision and soundness to beat a very nice 2nd place.
2nd Haxton’s DANTASSIE DOUBLE TAKE Larger framed dog. Loved his balance. Very strongly made, especially liked his head and expression, topline, tail set, bone and feet. He wasn’t is as good coat and condition as my winner, but his powerful movement displaying good reach and drive, covering the ground with ease won him the 2nd place.

MID LIMIT DOG (10 Entries, 1 Absent)
1st O’Gorman’s BERRYMEADE GRAND CENTRAL JW Difficult class to judge as some dogs although were lovely in many respects I would of preferred a bit more balance. Heading this class was a very nice type of dog, who was in super condition. Darker coated he displays good angles, topline was ok, as sometimes he tended to crouch. Super bone and the tightest of feet. Lovely head and expression and moved with superb reach and drive, handler getting the best out of him today to win this class.
2nd Vernon’s GRACELEIGH POPEYE Loved this boy for his type and quality. Just a tad bit long cast for me, nevertheless a quality dog who stood on superb angles, good bone and feet. Balanced head and pleasing expression. Clean neck into a level topline. Moved true with good reach and drive. Close decision to 1.

LIMIT DOG (11 Entries, 3 Absent) Liked the first 3 in this class very much
1st Woods’ DAILY RAYS HOPE OF HEART TO AMIRENE (IMP FIN) A dog I’ve often admired ringside and was not disappointed today. He was in superb coat and condition and just oozes quality. Very balanced shape, under his profuse coat he is well constructed all through. The most gorgeous of heads and expressions. Well off for bone and correct tight feet. Mature in the body but not overdone in any way. His movement really filled my eye and he pushed so hard for the RCC, just loved him.
2nd Ayling-Jones’ LEIGHSHAM COCOCABANA AT RAIVESLAKE A different type to my winner. A larger, strongly made dog in full dark golden coat standing on strong, straight limbs. Very typical & balanced. Pleasing head and expression. Well constructed front and back. Super topline, which he held on the move. Movement was powerful and purposeful. He only just beat a very similar type who was close up.

OPEN DOG (10 Entries, 1 Absent) What a hard class to judge, some lovely dogs and very worthy champions to choose from, was really nit picking.
1st Dunbar’s SH CH LINIRGOR TOMICH JW Much has already been said about this lovely dog, I felt honored to be able to judge him and was not disappointed. Out of the top draw he is full of breed type and quality. He is the shape I look for, balanced and not overdone in any way. Powerful and fit for purpose. He certainly fills my eye. He wasn’t carrying a lot coat but then there was nothing to hide. He has the most gentle of heads, strongly made throughout. He excels in bone and tight feet, superb width on second thigh, level topline and movement, which is effortless and enthusiastic. Happy to award him the RCC in good company.
2nd Pastusiak’s SH CH/INT CH/MULTI CH PRINCE CHARMING QDORE OF LABGOLD (ATC POL) I’ve loved this boy since his was a youngster and today he looked gorgeous, in full bloom, free stood wagging his tail. He has the most endearing head, expression and super ring presence, you cannot but not smile. Super construction, bone and feet. He moves with much enthusiasm, maybe a tad too much at times and can sometimes drop his rear in excitement whilst stood, but I love him. He only gave way today on the preferred balance of my winner, but it was ever so close.

FIELD TRIAL DOG (0 Entries, 0 Absent)

1st Maynard’s CH CHINNORDALE CUE CARD JW SGWC Super quality dog, displaying good breed type. Very balanced in outline and in good coat. Was carrying a tad bit too much weight over his shoulder, but non-the less in good overall condition. Liked his classic head and expression, correct angles and easy flowing movement.
2nd Towers’& Henderson’s ALIBREN GALILEO TO WESTERVANE JW SGWC Different type to 1. A paler coated boy who was balanced with a nice clean outline. Pleasing head. Good length of neck. Angles were balanced. Superb topline and tail set. Bone ok with nice feet. Movement was sound and steady. Won over another nice dog, was a very close decision.
3rd Rose’s & Neil’s M GILDAS AMORI INFINITI (IMP SWE) A trio of super dogs

SPECIAL WORKING DOG (1 Entries, 0 Absent)
1st Gadeyne’s LUX CH/SL CH STORM SPECIAL EDITION OF SUNSHINE’S VALLEY (ATC BEL) Standing alone in the class. This paler coat dog is very well constructed and in full bloom. Stood a bit tense at times which affected his top line and tail set, but great when relaxed. Lovely head and expression, excels in upper arm and layback. Short coupled with a good width of second thigh. Moved true and with good reach and drive.