Workresults 2002

  Working Results for 2002   Results Of Show Gundog Working Certificate held at Poulton Fields Farm, Nr Cirencester, Glos, by kind permission of The Rt Hon Major Andrew Wigram on 7th January 2002 Judges: Gwen Knox & John James Out of the 9 dogs

Workresults 2002


Working Results for 2002


Results Of Show Gundog Working
Certificate held at Poulton Fields Farm, Nr Cirencester, Glos,
by kind permission of The Rt Hon Major Andrew Wigram on 7th January

Judges: Gwen Knox & John James

Out of the 9 dogs entered 8 completed it and passed.

Although the day was rather foggy and damp it did not the competitors
spirits. All were taken to the first drive, with all the beaters
in the tractor and trailer. Then the competitors were split into
2 groups. One group with John went into the now disused Quarry
and the rest went with Gwen onto a grass field, with a Cotswold
stone wall and maize strip to the left and a field of set-aside
beyond. There were enough birds on the first drive for all the
dogs to be tried on birds in their area. John had enough birds
in the Quarry for all the dogs to have 2 birds each, with some
to spare for Gwen’s group to come into the Quarry to work under
John and Gwen together, after clearing up the birds out in the

Gamekeeper Richard Mace was running Gaina, so he ran her first,
and once she had done 2 retrieves, Richard took on his normal
role as the Keeper and took the guns off to do another drive,
while the rest did their work in the Quarry and in the field of

CONGRATULATIONS GO TO :- [in order that they ran on the

Mrs J Frankland-Burton & Mr R Mace’s


[Gillbryan Water Bailiff JW, x Purbarn Another Confusion]

Miss D Avery


[Stanroph Squadron Leader x Sandicliff Scarlet Holly]

Miss P Southwell


[Denerose Troilus x Pure Magic for Denerose]

Mrs K Ellis


[Tenfield Border Rambler JW, x Tenfield All At Sea (imp)]

Mrs A Hagger


[Golmas Governer JW, x Fairfield Firesprite]

Mrs J Frankland-Burton


[Gillbryan Water Bailiff JW, x Purbarn Another Confusion]

Miss J, Mrs J, & Mr J Merrick


[CH Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm X ‘S’ Kiss Me Kate]

Mr K & Mrs P Wooden

SALAKO SOUL PLAYER Handled by Kim Wooden

[SH. CH. Ritzilyn Action Replay X ‘S’ Heartbreaker]


Results of Novice Stake held
at Wick Farm, Great Wickering, Essex on 18th January 2002 by kind
permission of W.F.P Shoot and by generous support of Nigel Goss
& the Guns


Judges: P J Johnson, Mrs C Heasman & D R Barnes.


1st. K Doughty’s bitch Sladeway Kara of Highseas, Owner

2nd. G Leach’s dog Camburne Camomile, Owner Handler.

COM: P Wagland’s bitch Standerwick Tango of Pebbletoft

Results of GRC Open Working Test
held at Deerbridge Surrey,on 2nd June

by kind permission of John and
Liz Barnes

Judges: Mrs Paddy Steele,
Mr John Barnes and Mr Ian Scutter

1st. Vic Olner’s F.T.Ch Haresmead Isidore who scored 116
out of a total of 200 points.

2nd. Dave Barnes’ Catcombe Carera at Millgreen with 115

3rd. Danny Burgess’ Catcombe Carli with 112

4th. Ray Hardie’s Millrythe Queensland with 110 points.

CoMs went to

Audrey Wort’s Danshell Kowhia of Auro;

Penny Lynch’s Catcombe Carrick;

Sue Roynon’s Oriel Patience

Pam Walton’s Danshell Scrumpy of Notlaw.

Our thanks go to John & Liz Barnes who were fantastic
hosts, offering us the hospitality of their conservatory for lunch
for judges and helpers and later for tea, cakes and the prize

John very kindly set the tests for me as he owns and shoots
over the ground – and I live many miles away in the West country
– and they were excellent, very realistic ‘shooting-style’ tests
which admirably tested the dogs for nose and hunting ability as
well asgood handling.

Congratulations to Pam Walton whose award was particularly
popular as Pam has recently taken over her late husband, Wally’s,
dogs and everyone was delighted for her and for Wally.

Many thanks to all the hard working helpers who gave up
the day and even the World Cup to help out. They were greatly
appreciated by all in The Golden Retriever Club . Our thanks also go the judges,
all of whom did an excellent job.

We were extremely lucky to have a near perfect day for the
Test and in

such lovely surroundings. Liz and John have very kindly invited
us back any

time (despite their being labrador people) which only goes to
show what very

civilised people the Working Gundog fraternity are!

Annie Wales (Working Test Sec)

Results of Inter-club Working

held at Ampton, Suffolk on 16th


Judges: Mr. Peter Hammond, Mr. Stan Harvey, Mr. Michael
Tallamy and Mr. Paul Sinclair.

In First Place with 529 points

Berkshire Downs & Chiltern GRC

Mr. Davies’ Catcombe Cadeau

Mrs. S. Eley’s Catcombe Cardamon

Mr. A. Moore’s Catcombe Chrysler (Best D/B Open & Best Overall)

Mr. D. Barnes’ Catcombe Carrera

In Second Placewith 505 points

GRC of Northumbria

Mr. G. Coupar’s Paiute Pete

Mrs. T. Ellis’ Bembrook Woody

Mr. G. Hay’s Moscargrance April of Holywear

Mrs. J. Hay’s Lochton Leet of Holywear


In Third Place with 504 points

South Western GRC

R. Wort’s Catcombe Calceolaria of Auro

Mrs. Challenger’s Jolly Golden Boy of Knightwood

Mrs. S. Roynon’s Oriule Patience

Mrs. E.Pelham’s Holway Damask


In Fourth Place with 496 points

Southern GRS

Mrs. A Wort’s Danshell Tawa of Auro

Miss L. Hughes’ Catcombe Chadow

Mr. D. Burgess’ Catcombe Carli

Mr. R. Hardie’s Millrythe Queensland


In Fifth Place with 488 points

The Golden Retriever Club

Mr. R. Atkinson’s Holway Banjo (Best Novice D/B)

Mr. R. Burns’ Abnalls Cleopatra

Mr. M.Knox’s Tauvechan Minstrel

Mr. M. Stringer’s Clancallum Fergus Mhor

Results of Puppy Novice &
Veteran Working Tests,

held at Ewen, Nr Cirencester, Glos,on
14th July



Judge: Mrs Hilary Smith,

1. D Smith’s Castlemans Octopussy

2. Dr A Graham’s Siyu Right Rhona

3. P Hargreaves’

4. Crosland’s Castlemans For Your Eyes Only


R Pitfield’s Siyu Rufus of Dovespring


Judge: Mrs Judy Henry.

1. Mrs W Andrews’ Catcombe Copernicus

2. Mrs J Jones’ Courtridge Caesar

3. S Davies’ Catcombe Cadeau


J Slatter’s Harsett Barley’s Son


Judge: Mrs Judy Henry.

1. Mrs W. Andrews’ Catcombe Canny

2. J Baveystock’s Bembrook Jouette

3. Mrs W Andrews’ Catcombe Credit

Results of Novice Stake

held at Hayrish Fram, South Tawton,
Devon,on 11th October

By kind invitation of W. G. Walton


Judges: Messrs.
G West, R.G. Downing, T. J. Ship & Mrs E. Pelham

1. Mr M. Knox’s dog Tauvechan Minstrel, Owner

2. Mr R. Burns’ bitch Abnalls Cleopatra, Owner

3. Mrs P. Williams’ bitch Castlemans Classic
Mood, Owner Handler.

Gun’s Choice, Mrs H. Kimberley’s bitch, Friendborn

Results of GRC 2 Day Open Stake
held at Checkley Wood, Nantwich, Cheshire,

on Fri/Sat 15th & 16th November
by kind permission of I. Bevis Esq.


Judges: Messrs
K.Bellamy P Parkins, D Capel & Mrs J Hendry

1st. – Burgess Catcombe Chenouk
(Ft Ch Asham Counsel ex Laureldrian
Cherokee of Catcombe)

2nd. – Wright Ft Ch Wadesmill Ben
(Greenfoot Bara ex Wadesmill Katie)

3rd. – Williams Castlemans Beaver
(Tanleighden Elvis at Cleyne Hage ex
Cruncy Castlemans Lima)

4th. – Verinder Ft Ch Holway Rollo of Merryway
(Standerwick Remus of Merryway ex Ft
Ch Holway Quilla)

COM – Richardson Gortons Eye of the Storm
(Leeglen Milo ex Clockburn Comment)

Results of The Golden Retriever Club 14 dog Novice

held on Monday 25th November
at Stockbridge, Hants by permission of

N. Potter Esq, by kind invitation
of Mr & Mrs H. Pelham

A driven shoot where retrieves were made from a mixture of
woodland and maize field cover and open farmland. Some testing
retrieves of partridge, pigeon and pheasant.

Three eyewipes on the first drive and some failures othe
second, there were still seven dogs in close contention at the
third and final drive. The two leading dogs were called forward
for a run off and Roy Burns’ stylish young bitch proved the unlucky

All credit to Jim Gale and his three ‘puppies’ who had a
super day. Some fast and accurate

retrieves and very good handling throughout the day, when conditions
proved difficult and at times in the fog the dogs were hard to

Elizabeth Pelham not only managed to provide superb catering for
the judges, but also managed to run her bitch and to be amongst
the final competing seven.

This may prove to be a sad occasion, as the keeper who kindly
provided a days shooting is moving elsewhere and this might be
the last time The Golden Retriever Club has the pleasure of running a Stake at Forest
of Bere Farm. We hope this proves not to be the case!

Report by Kim Ellis


Mr Michael Dare, Mr Graham Roberts, Mr Robin Watson, Mrs Annie

1st Jim Gale’s Hawthorn Heather (B)

(Wadesmill Glen ex Blendworth Elsa)

2nd Roy Burns’ Abnalls Cleopatra (B)

(Catcombe Clever ex Standerwick Ricarda of Abnalls)

3rd Jim Gale’s Earnsfield Reeve (D)

(Wadesmill Glen ex Blendworth Elsa)

4th M J Wright’s Marcus Maybe of Wadesmill

(Wadesmill Glen ex Blendworth Elsa)

Certificate of Merit Graham Cox’s Millrythe
Melbourne of Wydcombe (B)

(Moscargrange Amos ex Millrythe Mondeo)

Guns Choice P Hargreaves’ Haremire Electron

(Haremire Dipper ex Haremire Juniper)

Results of GRC 14 dog All-Aged

held on Friday 6th December at
Herriard Shoot, Basingstoke, Hants.

by kind invitation of G Wood
Esq and by generous support of

M Courtier Esq and Guns

Judges: G King Esq., Miss J Hunt,
Mrs A Courtier

A dry but cold day, a driven shoot with some good hunting observed
in a mixture of stubble, open fields and woodland cover. Within
minutes of starting the first drive, steadiness was tested when
two Roe Deer ran immediately from right to left in front of the
guns, not an eyelid batted by any of the competitors. The first
two drives provided a good number of birds, both cleanly shot
and runners. Many fell in open fields but undulating countryside
on the second drive necessitating long and sometimes almost blind
retrieves testing handling ability. This combined with a small

patch of thick cover below woodland which required a testing search
out of sight, knocked out some competitors early on.

Our illustrious leader and Field Trial Secretary
Gwen Knox progressed to

round three with her ‘Pebbletoft Jive of Tauvechan’, at the same

managing to provide coffee and refreshments in the form of sumptuous
home made fruit cake for guns and judges during the morning.


After the second drive the field moved
on to an area comprising a mixture of woodland and maize, where
game finding ability was tested. Most of the third round

competitors progressed with six dogs in contention at the end
of the day.The retrieve of the day was made when Wendy Andrews’
bitch completed a retrieve out of sight of her handler but close
to the crowd of spectators.Seeing the easy route rather than carrying
her prize through the hedge, she trotted towards and through the
crowd of people gathered by the field gate,through the gateway
and back to her handler.

At this stage the leaders became very hard
to separate and a fourth and final drive was required. A most
stylish retrieve was completed by the winner, delivered cleanly
and speedily to hand and the competition was won.
Report & photos by Kim Ellis



1st: (& the Guns Choice) Philippa Williams’ CASTLEMANS

(Standerwick Remus of Merryway ex Crunchy Castlemans Lima)

Winner of The Catcombe Trophy for the winner and The Millrythe
Trophy for

the Guns Choice

Castlemans Classic Mood


2nd: Wendy Andrews’ CATCOMBE CYMBAL (B)
(Ft Ch Ashsham Counsel ex Catcombe Chancey) Winner of the Dorcas
Bowl for the runner-up

Catcombe Cymbal


3rd Gibson’s PEBBLETOFT JAZZ (D)

(Ft Ch Ben of Codicote ex Ft Ch Standerwick Rhumba of Pebbletoft)

Certificates of Merit


(Catcombe Clever ex Standerwick Ricarda of Abnalls)


(Moscargrange Amos ex Millrythe Mondeo)


(Moscargrange Amos ex Millryth Mondeo)

Millrythe Queensland


GRC Vice-President June Atkinson with Holway Reema

& Ray Hardie with Millrythe Queensland