Workresults 2005

Working Results for 2005   GRC OPEN WORKING TEST SUNDAY   8th MAY 2005 Held at Pump Farm Shoot, Little Marlow, Bucks. By kind invitation of Richard Marsh.         Judges; Colin Pelham, Barry Taylor We have Ken Chandler to thank for obtaining this wonderful ground and Ken’s family for helping him put

Workresults 2005

Working Results for 2005




8th MAY 2005

Held at Pump Farm Shoot, Little Marlow, Bucks. By kind invitation
of Richard Marsh.





Judges; Colin
Pelham, Barry Taylor

We have Ken Chandler to thank for obtaining
this wonderful ground and Ken’s family for helping him put on
marvellous tests for us. These were set in amazing beech woodlands
with huge rides cut through, giving Ken great scope to arrange
some very different types of tests. We began with a walk-up in
long grass growing through stubble. Dogs had two retrieves each,
as in a field trial sequence. The ground was sloped side to side
and front to back, giving both dogs and handlers different viewpoints
which certainly kept us thinking. !

The card was then split into two, each going to various sides
of the wood and then swapping around. One test was short, but
very tricky, working from the wood into the field beyond, but
with a very small viewing point. A case for very precise handling.
The other test made use of the rides, with a long blind to be
collected before a very short seen which had been thrown into
cover at right angles to the ride.

Back to the meeting point for lunch to find our working test
secretary , Kim Ellis, slaving over a hot primus preparing the
judges’ lunches. Kim unfortunately could not be in two places
at once and such was her dedication that she remained behind
‘at base’ to see to all the admin. It was all very much appreciated
Kim. The afternoon saw us split into two groups again in the
woodland. One group tackled a ‘pick-up’ scenario as one would
on a shooting day; the others had to walk individually with a
‘walking gun , who was taking his chances on a rough shooting
day out. Again, both tests extremely well thought out and much
enjoyed by all.

At the end of a very full day, back to base and Kim’s home made
cake for everyone, whilst waiting for the results to be announced.

lst Marcus Maybe of Wadesmill – Andrew Wright

2nd Haresmead Iolanthe – Bob Marcham

3rd FTCH Haresmead Isidore – Vic Olner

4th Birdsgren Stormbreak over Millgreen – Dave

As you appreciate from the above short description
of the day, a great deal of work by a great may people (not all
of whom are Club members) goes into organising such a day. I
know the summer calendar is extremely crowded but we did not
have a huge entry, which was disappointing for the organisers.
The Club’s working committee has decided in 2006 to put together
a working test programme for puppy, novice, open and veteran
all on the one day. We hope this will be a big fun day out and
get together for all our members with all ages of dogs. We are
aiming for a date in April in the Gloucestershire area hopefully.
Please do support us.




on Sunday 26th June 2005

By kind invitation of Their Graces The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire


Judges: Messrs.
J Taylor, M Newsam, P Smithies, E Mathews and Mesdames A Crookes,
P Robertson and P Illingworth

The Inter Club this year was hosted by the
Northern Golden Retriever Association who are so fortunate to
have access to such varied ground on their ‘patch’ Eleven teams
were participating and it would seem there is also a sub competition
going on to see which team is turned out the best! Like colours
of the rainbow they are looked (well most!). Because of the nature
of the day, by doing a ’round robin’ around the tests to get
through the numbers involved; if you were actually in a team,
it was difficult to get an idea of how the opposition were doing.
Teams were split -half to work within the woodland and on the
lakes and the others to work on the hillsides on moorland. By
changing over after lunchtime, every team had been tested on
water, on a pick-up in woodland, handling in woodland, a walk-up
over moorland and a very very long handling exercise over steep

Making a habit of coming first were Eastern Counties GRC who
were three points ahead of the Northern Golden Retriever Association.

The highest placed overall dog was D Rundall’
s Laytoncroft Mulberry (a novice dog), who managed to do the
job without much help from his owner who was on crutches!

Many thanks NGRA for a superb day, well organised
and a good atmosphere. I don’t know where they get their energy
from. Most of them then went on with their caravans in tow, to
organise the gundog events for three days at the CLA Game Fair
at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. Such dedication




on 10th July 2005




Maggie James had kindly allowed the Club
to use the wonderful natural facilities on her farm for our tests
this year. Being just off the motorway junction, the ground was
easily accessible to everyone and we had a good entry over the
three sections. Bob Hargrave, who had secured the ground for
us, had put in a great deal of hard work the previous week in
setting out the tests. There were no’ gimmicks’ , with all the
tests being very practical and workmanlike -which is how they
should be. Our judges could then judge the dogs on the merit
of their work and not on their failures, as seems to be the trend

The novice and veteran tests, which were run in the morning,
were slightly adjusted for the veterans. There were six tests
in all including a double mark in long grass and game strip;
a jump saluted by a shot; a long mark in a field of turnips;
a blind through an orchard; a walk-up and a water mark with a
blind diversion in a small spinney.

Puppies in the afternoon also had six tests which were abbreviated
versions of the morning tests, very much simplified.

The weather for the whole of the day was fairly hot, with dogs
being grateful for the short water swim and judges very much
appreciative of the salad and summer fruits luncheon under the
shade of the gazebo. Kim Ellis had turned up trumps again for
us with good organisation and wonderful home baking!

It was nice to see our Chairman, Sue Almey, out for the day in
her summer finery .She very much appreciates the working side
of the Club and was a very good hostess to our judges. All in
all, a very relaxing and congenial day, with many thanks to Kim
and Bob plus all the helpers for their hard work, to the judges
for giving up their day and to Maggie James for her hospitality.

Results :


Ist Mr S Robson’s Haddeo Sweet Briar

2nd Ms J Buckley’s Birdsgreen Sweet Hope

3rd Mr A England’s Burnthill Zantedeschia at Dairycott

4th Mrs N Sleeman’s Burnthill Saffron


Ist Mr M Downes’ Mistybrooke Bluff

2nd Mrs K McCarthy’s Castlemens Running Game

3rd Mr & Mrs Fowler’s Cainhoe Chapel Down

4th Mrs N Sleeman’s Burnthill Cascabel

C of M Mr A Pace’s Birdsgreen Secret Sybil of Castlemans


Ist Miss M Lodge’s Bednall Finlay( congratulations, Mary is now

2nd Ms A Moffitt’s Alveston Rosetta

3rd Mrs J Ellis’ Fitzford Chi Cheemaun







Held at Banyards Hall Shoot, Bunwell, Norfolk.

On Tuesday 6th September, 2005

Judges: MJ Tallamy, S Polley, Mrs S Gadd, A Wright


1st. Woodash Sparkling Diamond (d) T Souster & K Gibbs (handler
T Souster)

by Wadesmill Glen ex Maddie Kizzie

2nd. Tauvechan Minstrel (d) MS Knox Holway Dickon ex Leeglen
Tornado of Tauvechan

3rd. Pebbletoft Rock (d) PJ Wagland FTCh Ben of Codicote ex FTCh
Standerwick Rhumba of Pebbletoft

Guns’ Choice

Woodash Sparkling Diamond (d) T Souster &
K Gibbs

Two Day Open Stake

Held at Ampton Shoot, Gt.Livermere, Suffolk.


on 3rd/4th October, 2005

Judges: Mrs SJ Olner, PJ Wagland, P Garton, S Littleboy


!st. Marcus Maybe of Wadesmill (d) M J Wright (handler A Wright)
by Wadesmill Glen ex Blendworth Elsa

2nd. Abnalls Cleopatra (b) RJ Burns by Catcombe Clever ex Standerwick
Ricarda of Abnalls

3rd. Clancallum Tamdhu (d) MJ Stringer by FTCh Rossmhor of Clancallum
ex Clancallum Tummel

4th. FTCh Hawthorn Heather (b) J Gale by Wadesmill Glen ex Blendworth

C of M

Tauvechan Minstrel (d) MS Knox By Holway Dickon ex Leeglen Tornado
of Tauvechan

Pebbletoft Lyric of Moscargrange (b) Mr S & Mrs AM Crookes
(handler S Crookes)

by Moscargrange Amos ex FTCh Standerwick Rhumba of Pebbletoft

Guns’ Choice Haresmead Josh (d) Mrs G Meuhl


Copies of this photograph and others
taken on the day can be viewed & purchased at




Held at Forest of Bere Farm, Stockbridge, Hampshire


On Tuesday 15th November 2005


by permission of N Potter Esq. and
by kind invitation of Mr and Mrs H Pelham

Judges :Mrs JR Atkinson, AL Verinder, M Browm, P Bruton


1st. Holway Breya (b) Mrs E Pelham, Holway Banjo ex Holway Reema

2nd .Holway Victor(d) Miss J Evans, Standerwick Remus of Merryway
ex Holway Evita

3rd. Deadcraft Humphrey(d) Mrs J A Hendry, Standerwick Remus
of Merryway ex Kenye Mint of Deadcraft

C of M

Captain Crusader of Catcombe (d) D Burgess,
Catcombe Clever ex Harsett Barley’s Girl

Featherquest Gemstone (b) Mr & Mrs RH Phillips (handler R
Phillips), Standerwick Remus of Merryway ex Featherquest Holly

Guns’Choice Haddeo Sweet Briar (b) S Robson





Herriard Shoot, nr Basingstoke, Hampshire. By kind invitation
of G Wood, Esq.

Judges: Messrs GC Roberts, K Broomfield and Mrs H Sully.

1st Holway Victor (d) Standerwick Remus of
Merryway ex Holway Evita : Miss J Evans

2nd Haddeo Sweet Briar (b) Holway Banjo ex Haremire Diane of
Haddeo : S Robson

3rd Son of Ross (d) Woodsprite Storm of Mallygill ex Mallygill

C of M

Pebbletoft Chorus (b) Moscargrange Amos ex FTCh Standerwick Rhumba
of Pebbletoft : PJ Wagland

Gilded Rosalee of Cannimore (b) Floshend
Barley ex Jackmans Chippie : Mr & Mrs M Anderson


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