Workresults 2009

  Working Results for 2009   Show Gundog Working Certificate     The Golden Retriever Club held its SGWC on 3rd January at The Tortworth Estate Gloucestershire   The judges for the day were Mike Knox and Bob Hargrave. It was a very cold frosty day but with bright sunshine. There were 12 dogs entered

Workresults 2009


Working Results for 2009


Show Gundog Working Certificate



The Golden Retriever Club held its SGWC on 3rd January

The Tortworth Estate Gloucestershire


The judges for the day were Mike Knox and Bob Hargrave.

It was a very cold frosty day but with bright sunshine. There
were 12 dogs entered and they were all required to sit at a drive
where there was a plentiful supply of birds. The dogs were sat
in line in open woodland approx 70 yards back from the guns.
They were divided into two groups, one sat towards the left hand
end of the line of guns the other to the right. All of the dogs
were steady and quiet during the drive then hunted, found and
retrieved fresh shot game. On completion of their test they all
lined out and swept the wood through to pick up all remaining
shot game.

All of the dogs were then taken to the lake for their water retrieve,
where unfortunately one dog refused to enter the water.
The overall standard on the day was the best that I have seen
for this event and eleven dogs were awarded their certificate.

The successful dogs were:
Golden Retrievers:
Purbarn Orange Night Sky at Gushigan handled by Chris Eels
Applebrook Araminta handled by Peter Butterworth
Kaspurgold White Elegence handled by Sue Hocking
Applebrook Accolade handled by Tricie Butterworth
Labrador Retrievers
Woodmist Saffron handled by Sharon Rogers
Warringah’s Tennants Creek JW handled by David Coode
Rockledge Wordsmith of Carpenny handle by Lisa Finney
Flatcoated Retrievers
Gwenadillo Lochness handled by Jane Calverley
Beanit Ned Kelly to Keepersway handled by Robert Ashcroft
Calswish Rosebud for Lizzlog JW handled by Miss H Walker
Curly Coated Retriever
Ir Sh Ch Springcurl Ulysses Cjwot handled by Sue Margerison
Bob Hargrave



Interclub Working Test 21st
June 2009


Hosted by The Golden Retriever Club
of Scotland


at Drumlanrig Castle


by kind permission of


His Grace, The Duke of Buccleuch



W.L. Steel, W.G. Steel, J. Maclure, M. Philpott, Lynn Ryan,
D. Lisett
The Teams

Yorkshire GRC

Castlemans Kiwi Hari Hari – Handler: P Williams
Seldanaureus Darla – Handler: Mrs M Watmore
FT Ch Birdsgreen Sweet Reward of Castlemans – Handler: P N Bates
Vermuyden Ealeanor – Handler: Mrs G Jopling

GRC of Northumbria

Dukes Wood – Handler: G Coupar
Gortons Red Ruby Rascal – Handler: Miss K Cousins
Clibberswick Walnut of Holywear -Handler: Mr G Hay
Birdsgreen Amazing Agatha of Holywear – Handler: Mrs J Hay

Southern GRS

Hanans Mace Spice of Life – Handler: R Hardie
Lochnabo Glorious Golden – Handler: A Ward-Smith
Holway Phantom of Tarinomagh – Handler: Mrs A Sanders
Glanweaver Self Sufficient – Handler: N Franklin

The Golden Retriever Club

Treunair Rhum – Handler: F Baird
Soutar Zeus – Handler: T Souster
FT Ch Mistybrook Connor -Handler: R Ashdown
Bell Oktave Apollo – Handler: K Becksteiner

South Western GRC

Abnalls Barley of Deadcraft – Handler: Mrs J Rainey
Merryway Larch of Tallygold – Handler: M Palk
Merryway Purdey of Holway – Handler: R Atkinson
Haddeo Snipe – Handler: J Evans

Berkshire Downs & Chilterns

Merryway Maximum – Handler: H Burnie
Canaleigh Long Island Iced Tea – Handler: J Tomlinson
Holway Vincent of Chapeldown – Handler: B Marcham
Baveybuilt Tiffontoo – Handler: Mrs J Baveystock


GRC of Scotland

Clockburn Constance – Handler: Mrs L Holmes
Clockburn Bliss – Handler: Mr P Holmes
Fintrays Phoebe of Broomchapel – Handler: K Gorman
Castlemans Jacobs Pride – Handler: Mrs E Munro Ferguson

Northern GRA

Moscargrange Brisk – Handler: Mrs A Crookes
Leerambler Diamond Star – Handler: Mrs P Illingworth
Moscargrange Blade -Handler: S Crookes
Moscargrange Barley of Pebbletoft – Handler: P Wagland

Midlands GRC

Harsett Tamise – Handler: D Smith
Xanthos Boss – Handler: A Baker
Birdsgreen Atomic – Handler: C Marchmant
Queenhill Morgan – Handler: M Valentine

North West GRC

Haddeo Nukko – Handler: D Lamarinel
Amberdolly Hamlet at Tamnairn – Handler: S McGroarty
Birdsgreen Ash – Handler 😛 Hargreaves
Scherzando Picses – Handler: G Bird

Eastern Counties GRC

Soutar Romulus at Millgreen – Handler: D Barnes
Hoghedens Susa from Sweden and Wadesmill – Handler: A Wright
Castlemans Running Game – Handler: Mrs K McCarthy
Earnsfield Kestrel – Handler: J Gale

GRC of Wales

Castlemans Marlins Magic – Handler: Mrs J Hardwicke
Tiama Tumble – Handler: Mrs L Mixtune
Cainhoe Chapel Down – Handler: S Fowler
Vamp Thyme Wild – Handler: Mrs V Pritchard
1st The Golden Retriever Club 480 points
2nd Golden Retriever Club of Wales 475 points
3rd North West Golden Retriever Club 472 points
4th Berkshire Downs & Chilterns Golden Retriever Club
467 points

GRC team with Team Captain Elizabeth Pelham (Centre)


GRC Team L to R, T Souster, F Baird, R Ashdown, K




Highest scoring Novice Dog &
Overall Top Dog

Gortons Red Ruby Rascal handled by Kirsty Cousins
(GRC of Northumbria)




Highest scoring Open Dog

FT Ch Mistybrook Connor handled by Richard Ashdown

Summary of the tests (kindly provided by Yvonne Storr)
There was in fact a run off for 4th place between Berkshire
Downs and Chilterns G.R.C and Eastern Counties, both on 467 points,
The points were close between all the teams it was a good test,
most of which was run with a novice dog and a open dog running
Test 1
This was a double mark to shoot. The open mark going out first
then the novice 2nd, but the novice was sent first with the open
dog having to remember it’s mark. The handlers were in a small
wood and and the dogs had to jump a wire fence on the way out
and back.
Test 2
This was a double blind, the novice dogs was to shot and it was
on the edge of nettles. The opens was very long, through a big
bed of rushes up a hill and beside a tree stump. This was a very
good test on how the dogs handled.
Test 3
Was a four dog walk up, with both heel work and retrieve being
marked. The novice dogs had a mark into woodland on a bank side
and they had to jump a wire fence. The open dogs was into a different
bit of woodland further away with also a fence to jump.
Test 4
Was also a double blind. The handlers were stood on a hill
top looking down on the area. The novice dogs had a blind between
a fence and the pond, which drew the dogs, so handling again
had to be spot on. The open dogs was over to the right into a
grassed bank with a few trees again over a fence. The open dogs
had seen where the novice dogs had run some wanting to pull to
the same area and some winding where the novice dummy had been
so again good handling was needed.
Test 5
Again the handlers were stood up a height looking down on
the area, with novice dog been sent for a blind down the hill
towards woodland with a dummy near a tree to shot, and the open
dogs getting a mark to shot into the wood over a fence.
Test 6
Was a water retrieve over a wide river, The dogs were able to
cross half of it by running then they had to swim. The water
was deep and running nicely fast.The cover on the other side
was quite high and the dummies were not giving much scent away.
The novice dogs got a mark to shot over, but the open dogs had
a blind with no shot, This was a great test to watch as we were
stood on top of a high bank and the dogs were being sent at water
level, so we could see a lot more of the dogs than the handlers,
who said they could only see where they were at by the cover
It was the only test where there was a delay but considering
the swim the dogs had, it was totally understandable but it was
a really good test both of the dogs marking after their swim
and also how the open dogs handled over water.

Photo Gallery



Puppy/Novice/Open & Veteran
Working Tests


Sunday 2nd August

at Ware, Hertfordshire

By kind invitation of Mr Andrew Wright


Mr. P . Allen (A3), Mrs. S. Searle, Mr. M.
Brace, Mr. R. Ketley







1st Rose’s Holywear Briar Rose
at Gaytonwood
(Dukes Wood x Birdsgreen Amazing Agatha of
DOB 23/02/08, Dog, Handler/Owner
2nd Taylor’s Pandreft Zara’s Gold
(Charamese Road Runner to Leighsham x Pandreft
DOB 09/07/08, Bitch, Owner Mr & Mrs F.
J. Taylor, Handler Mr F. J. Taylor

1st Stringer’s Whispering Oaks Gilly
(Firemark Pedal to the Metal shift x Whispering
Oaks Dutchblue)
DOB 09/11/07, Bitch, Handler/Owner
2nd Crew’s Calim Peace
(Scherzando Pisces x Wootton Comedy of Catcombe)
DOB 26/06/07, Dog, Handler/Owner
3rd Green’s Tawnyhill Beth
(Standgates Chaplin x Birdsgreen Simpley
Cloe of Tawneyhill)
DOB 29/05/07, Bitch, Handler/Owner
4th Souster and Gibb’s Souter Zeus
( FT CH Kessgold Volvo x Woodash Sparkling
DOB 10/08/07, Dog, Owner Mr. T. Souster &
Miss K. Gibbs, Handler Mr. T. Souster

1st Bates’ Leeanchor Golden Boy
(Holway Brook x Pebbletoft Solo of Leeanchor)
DOB 17/01/04, Dog, Handler/Owner
2nd Marcham’s Echobrook Coppice
(Holway Vincent x Maddie Kizzie)
DOB 20/12/03, Dog, Owner/Handler
3rd Burnie’s Merryway Maximum
( Holway Victor x Merryway Beretta)
DOB 03/05/07, Dog, Handler/Owner
4th Hillier’s Birdsgreen Shining Sidney of Tofts
(Canburne Fennel of Lafayette x Elmbrook
DOB 19/03/03, Dog, Handler/Owner

1st Stringer’s Clancallum Tamdhu
(FT CH Rossmhor of Clancallum x Clancallum
DOB 27/03/00, Dog, Owner/Handler
2nd Marchant & Lynes Castleman’s Warhead
(Wadesmill Glen x Castlemans Classic Mood)
DOB 18/05/01, Dog, Owner/Handler
3rd Baveystock’s Baveybuilt Merlot
(FT CH Ashsham Counsel x Bembrook Jouette)
DOB 01/08/98, Bitch, Owner/Handler
4th Philpotts Standerwick Corey
(Catcombe Clever x Standerwick Robina)
DOB 22/05/00, Dog, Owner/Handler

All Aged Stake


27th September, 2009

at Knowle Game, Kent.

Judges: Mrs D. Harrison, G.O. Stanley, T. Souster, R.J. Taylor
1st not awarded
2nd not awarded
3rd not awarded
C of M Mrs V. Pritchard’s (d) Vamp Thyme Wild