Working Results for 2001                   GRC. WORKING TESTS       Held at Glewstone, Herefordshire. By kind permission of Heather and Andrew Jackson on Saturday 25th August   It is with enormous gratitude that we have to thank Heather and Andrew Jackson for use of their beautiful


Working Results for 2001














Held at Glewstone, Herefordshire. By kind permission of Heather
and Andrew Jackson on Saturday 25th August


It is with enormous gratitude that we have to thank Heather
and Andrew Jackson for use of their beautiful land for the 2001
Working Tests. the farm is purely fruit and arable and so posed
no threat to the spread of Foot & Mouth Disease. However we
all appreciate the feelings of those who made the decision not
to travel under the present circumstances.


The numbers were well down in the Puppy & Novice Tests,
no doubt reflecting the lack of training and facilities we have
all inevitably suffered this year. Open dogs need less training
to keep them up to scratch and this too was reflected in the entry.





The Puppy Tests were based as usual on training exercises:
steadiness, heelwork, retrieving from land and water, with a hunting
exercise in the strawberry fields and there was plenty of scope
to show which had mastered the basics well. Many thanks to Dr
Alex Graham who did a really superb job with the minimum of fuss
or delay. the standard was high but the clear winner with full
marks for all tests was:-


1st. Wendy Andrews’ dog, Catcombe Copernicus (7/6/00)


2nd. Kevin Ridley’s bitch, Merryway Firecrest (21/1/00)


3rd. Wendy Andrews’ bitch Catcombe Covey (7/6/00)


4th. Mervyn Philpott’s dog, Standerwick Corey (22/5/00)


COM’s went to


Roy Wart’s Catcombe Calceolaria of Auro


John Slatter’s Harsett Barley’s Son


Andrew England’s Dairycott Fennell





The novice test proved a little too difficult for some of the
dogs, no doubt partly due to lack of training facilities. There
were 2 water tests followed by a walk-up and a tricky double mark,
one through a gateway and one on the nearside, 20 feet or so right
of the gateway under the hedge. handlers could choose which to
pick first.


The dog that won, clearly proved by her marks that she would
be capable of going on to Open competition by scoring 75 out of
a possible 80.


1st. Kevin Ridley’s bitch Castlemans Classic Jazz (12/3/99)


2nd. Lyn Hughes’ dog Catcombe Chadow (5/4/99)


3rd. Robin Mills’ dog Abnalls Cassidy of Eastdale (31/1/99)


4th. Dave Clinch’s dog Geneva Dorset Brigand (6/4/99)





The veterans were up to strength with 6 dogs running well.
Their tests were set to reflect the greater knowledge and experience
of these dogs, and they all seemed to enjoy showing what they
could achieve as their scores clearly illustrated with the winner
only dropping one point.


1st. Phil Wagland’s bitch Standerwick Tango of Pebbletoft


2nd. Wendy Andrew’s dog Catcombe Clever (8/7/93)


3rd. Anna Wagland’s bitch Pebbletoft Cherry


4th. Wendy Andrews’ dog Catcombe Canny (8/7/93)


COM’s to


Graham Cox’s Holway Nettle of Wydcombe


Mervyn Philpotts’ dog Standerwick Timothy





In order to get through the tests in the afternoon, 4 judges
were good enough to judge 3 tests concurrently. It was a great
pleasure to welcome Frank & Iris Wright who judged the walk-up
in one field while mark Bettinson with his helper Mike Allan ran
a very popular test in the other field. That involved a gun being
fired into a certain area of strawberries whereupon the dog was
sent to the shot to hunt the area thoroughly. Whe this had been
suitably accomplished, Mike shouted that ‘it had run’ and the
dog was then lifted off the gun scent and handled on to the area
indicated to pick up a retrieve. This certainly sorted out which
dogs and handlers knew what they were doing and many people commented
that they had enjoyed the challenge. The 3rd test was a long water
retrieve judged by Graham Cox where the dogs were kept up a track
out of sight of a dummy thrown and had to go to the splash, as
so often happens in duck flighting. Once in the water they also
had to cope with a distraction thrown out behind them, but it
was soon clear that none of these dogs would consider being caught
out by anything so obvious!


The scores from these Tests having been duly compiled, the
judges then asked for the 6 top scoring dogs to go forward for
a ‘drive’ in the strawberry field, after which each was sent back
for a long blind retrieve in the strawberries. The result of this
altered the former positions with the eventual results:-


1st. Vic Olner’s bitch Haresmead Isidore (2/6/97)


2nd. Danny Burgess’ dog Catcombe Carli (26/1/96)


3rd. John White’s dog Catcombe Cornet (26/1/96)


4th. Phil Wagland’s bitch F.T.Ch Standerwick Rhumba of Pebbletoft


COM’s went to


Sally Crossland’s dog Castlemans Classic Finn


Phil Wagland’s dog Pebbletoft Rock


Annie Wales Working Test Secretary




Results of 2 day Open Stake held
at Ampton, Suffolk on 22/23rd October

1st. Malcolm Stringer’s dog Clancallum Fergus Mhor


2nd. Norman Mellows’ bitch Millrythe Mondeo


3rd. Elizabeth Pelham’s dog Holway Damask


4th. Mr & Mrs Hay’s dog Lochton Leet of Holywear


COM’s to


Phil Wagland’s bitch F.t.Ch Standerwick Rhumba of Pebbletoft


Lady Hugh Smith’s dog Catcombe Cellist


Mike Prosser’s bitch Haremire Juniper


Nigel Mann’s dog Canburne Fennel of Lafayette


June Atkinson’s bitch Holway Reema





Results of Novice Stake held
at Forest of Bere Farm, Stockbridge, Hampshire,



on 10/12/01 by kind permission
of N Potter Esq.

Judges, Lady Hugh-Smith, Mr P. Wagland & Mrs A. Wagland


1st. M.J.Wright’s bitch Wadesmill Pippa handled by A Wright


2nd. Mr & Mrs R. Phillips’ bitch Featherquest Gemstone,
handled by R. Phillips


3rd. Not Awarded


4th. Mrs F. Baird’s bitch Treunair Arrocha, handled by the


COM’s to


C.L. MacGregor’s dog Tauchevan Magnum


Mr & Mrs B. Curd’s dog Ashleygold Copernicus





Results of All-Aged Stake held
at Checkley Wood, Nantwich, Cheshire, on 19/12/01,



by kind permission of I. Bevis








1st. Mr & Mrs A Richardson’s dog Gortons Eye
Of The Storm


2nd. Mrs A. Wales’ dog, Standerwick Beaujolais


3rd. Mr D. Burgess’ dog, Catcombe Carli



Judges: Messrs A J Drury, J. Halstead, G. Hay & Mrs
A. Crooke





L to R : J. Halstead, winner A. Richardson,
I Bevis, 2nd & the Guns Choice, Mrs A. Wales, Mrs A. Crookes,
A. J. Drury & G. Hay






Moments from the Day





All aboard the Skylark




The Waiting Game








The Judges Confer




F. T. Sec. Gwen Knox presenting Annie
Wales with Cup for the Guns’ Choice




Congratulations to the winner, Mr A
Richardson with Gortons Eye Of The Storm